Sell in a flash!

Discover and sell pre-loved fashion both online and in person


Join the pre-loved fashion revolution!

With Closit you can:

Clear out

the unwanted clothes in your closet and get ready to re-home them


with other Closit users through the app or at offline sales


to the circular fashion industry and feel good about it


unique fashion items or some extra cash!


How it works

Closit is free to use. You can use it to both host and attend sales either online or offline.

3 simple steps to host an online flash sale:
  • ⚡️Create a flash sale event of  24h/48h/72h
  • ⚡️Style your clothes and share with photos and videos
  • ⚡️Sort payments and shipping your way
3 simple steps to host an offline sale:
  • ⚡️Create a private, semi-private or public event
  • ⚡️Invite guests through the app or send a link
  • ⚡️Decide prices, welcome guests, keep your earnings!

Do your bit to help the environment.

Fashion pollutes. Help make it more sustainable by extending the life of your clothes.